Neurology Unit at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

The Perinatal Behavioral Health Service (PBHS) Neurology therapist supports families being treated on the Neurology Unit (12th Floor) and PICU (8th Floor) of St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The neurology therapist conducts mental health screenings and offers mental health resources for the parents and caregivers of children aged 0-5 with an epilepsy/complex neurological diagnosis. All primary caregivers are eligible to receive services from PBHS therapist. It is common for caregivers on the unit to be grandparents, foster parents, or other relatives. For this reason, modifications to the perinatal screening process have been made for this unit. Currently, the neurology therapist reviews the daily census and offers services to all eligible families during their inpatient stay. Lastly, the neurology therapist helps direct families to the events, resources, and financial grants of the June Jessee Memorial Foundation.