Barnes Jewish Women’s Health Center at the Center for Outpatient Health (COH)  

PBHS screens and provides ongoing mental health treatment to pregnant & post-partum patients in the COH3 Women’s Health Center. PBHS accepts referrals from providers (OBGYNs and Nurse Practitioners), as well as various research study staff members who have concerns about the pregnant person’s mental health. PBHS typically accepts referrals for any pregnant patient who scores a 10+ on the EPDS, reports any suicidal or homicidal ideations, have current or past mental health concerns (or at the provider’s discretion), have experienced a recent pregnancy loss, or as requested by patients themselves if they are in need of additional emotional support for any reason. Depending on case load limitations and circumstances around the referral, Coordinators triage referrals on a case-by case basis to determine whether the patient will be seen on-site at the time of the referral or if they will receive follow-up via phone for screening, assessment and determination of need for in-person services at future OB appointments.   

Coordinators in the clinic provide psychoeducation around PMADs, emotional support, referrals to community resources and services, and referrals to PBHS therapists or psychiatric care as needed. The engagement and treatment course is unique to each patient and is determined by the level of the patients’ needs and services requested. PBHS staff is able to meet with a patient once for screening and to provide information, at OB visits upon request or on an ongoing basis or the on-site PBHS Therapist in clinic can schedule regular psychotherapy visits with the patients if they wish to engage in regular therapy appointments with PBHS. Both in-person and virtual psychotherapy sessions are available to clinic patients. Coordinators can also refer a patient through Epic to the BJH Social Worker if they need more extensive resources surrounding financial concerns or housing, etc…. (non-mental health needs).