The Perinatal Behavioral Health Service (PBHS) exists to improve the health and well-being of perinatal individuals and their families. With an equity lens, PBHS provides psychoeducation, mental health services, and care coordination.

Our Vision

PBHS seeks to be a leader in establishing evidence-based mental health screening, assessment, and treatment as integral and routine parts of obstetric and neonatal care. We wish to advance access to quality services for those who experience perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, perinatal substance use, as well as other types of distress throughout the perinatal period. We do this best by valuing interdisciplinary teamwork, human dignity, resilience, and recovery. We aim to support new parents and empower families across the St. Louis region.

Our Values

As perinatal mental health providers:

  • We are committed to eliminating barriers to quality care by making our services most accessible to individuals and groups that have been historically underserved or lack adequate access to resources. We are deeply concerned by, and take responsibility for, the health disparities and inequalities present in our own field.
  • We are committed to working collaboratively with all of our patients, and, given the persistent disparities in healthcare, have deepened our commitment to partnering with and listening to Black women during and after their pregnancies.
  • We are called to intervene in the broader medical system that often perpetuates disparities and upholds institutionalized racism. In order to help create a culture of equitable care, we believe that change can and should be made from within the system by those who are in positions to implement processes and influence policy.

    See our statement in support of Black Lives Matter and racial justice for black mothers »

Partner Organizations

Annie’s Help

June Jessee Memorial Foundation

Ollie Hinkle Heart Foundation

GenerateHealth St. Louis

Perinatal Behavioral Health Initiative (PBHI)

St. Louis Area Diaper Bank

St. Louis Children’s Hospital Foundation

Steward Family Foundation

United Way of Greater St. Louis, Inc. | United Way Worldwide

Women & Infants Center | Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Impact on Patients

“The dedication and consistency the Perinatal Behavioral Health Service (PBHS) offered was the reason I developed persistence to continue the late-night feedings, countless doctor appointments, and acceptance that my baby had a rare genetic disorder that would affect her development. PBHS taught me how to recognize my triggers and accept those negative feelings that would overwhelm me, invite those feelings in and learn how to sit with them. PBHS was there while I sat with those feelings and taught me resiliency which is the greatest gift I learned from such a traumatic experience. I am a better mommy because of their counseling and support.” Moria Lindsay, Former Patient, and Founder of Annie’s Help

“We have had a ridiculous increase in NAS babies and I have spoken with a lot of moms who go through your clinic to Barnes. I hear some of the most compassionate stories from these moms, people actually treating them as humans… your clinic is they feel like real moms.” BJC Social Worker

“I am very grateful as there are not these services in my rural community and in the past few months not only have I stopped using pills but also stopped smoking marijuana, which has been a daily habit for many years. It feels good to be proud of myself and have my family proud of me.” PBHS/OB Care Clinic Patient

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