Barnes Jewish Hospital Women and Infant’s Center (Postpartum/Antepartum)  

The Perinatal Behavioral Health Service (PBHS) accepts referrals from both the Antepartum and Postpartum Women & Infants units at Barnes. At this time there is one PBHS Coordinator who supports patients on the units. The Coordinator works closely with the medical and social work teams to provide the appropriate level of care. Referrals can by placed by OB Residents, RNs, OB doctors, the Pediatric team, or patients themselves. Patients who have mental health concerns, whether due to pregnancy complications or otherwise, may receive therapeutic support during their Antepartum admission. Following delivery, patients referred or who request a consult, may receive a screen and PMAD psychoeducation. If PBHS has availability at that time, a patient may be scheduled for therapy and or psychiatry, or referred to other community programs and resources. Services are provided both in-person on the units and by phone.