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The Perinatal Behavioral Health Service at Washington University in St. Louis provides screening, evaluation, and treatment for parents who are experiencing pregnancy-related or postpartum stress, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.

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You are not alone.

Both men and women can have perinatal depression and anxiety. Perinatal refers to the time during pregnancy or within a baby’s 1st year. Depression and anxiety are serious but treatable brain disorders that involve many feelings and symptoms.


Good mental health is very important before and after giving birth to a child when complex emotions can affect pregnancy outcomes, the ability to parent, physical well-being and overall quality of life.

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Our team specializes in helping perinatal families manage stress and practice coping skills and is dedicated to improving people’s physical and mental health.

PBHS is not an emergency service. If you are in crisis, please call Behavioral Health Response at 314-469-6644 or 988 to immediately talk to someone anytime of day. More information can be found here: Crisis Support